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WWW.SalsaRhythm.Com the first in Colombian Salsa Pachanga and Boogaloo.

Nadeem has recently started regular weekly Colombian Style Salsa Pachanga and Boogaloo classes in Ljubjlana, Slovenia. 

See the Slovenian News page on for further details.


Past Events

Nadeem has recently been to Slovenia to teach workshops in Colombian Salsa. he is the first Instructor to teach Pachanga and Boogaloo in Slovenia.

Over his one week visit to Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljiana, Nadeem ran a total of 15 hours of workshops as well as rehearsing and performing a show at the party night. 

Further information can be found by following the link above.

The workshops, Party and the shows were a great success and Nadeem is looking forward to the next round of workshops to be held in August/September.